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Web-based Wholesale Distribution Management System

We are a premier provider of Web-based Wholesale/Manufacturer Distributions Management System. We have been provide effective ERP solutions using web technology at a very affordable price to our customers.


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Our Web-based ERP Software, Espresso, has seamlessly integrated modules including EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) Interfaces, Sales Orders, Overseas Purchase Orders, Inventory, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, & General Ledger.

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Our System Tools are easy-to-use applications that will enhance your company in various area. These tools increase accuracy, efficiency and security within your system.

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EDIConnect is a complete solution for accurate and efficient bi-directional EDI data integration. It offers EDI capability in an intuitive user interface with visual tools to build bi-directional integration.

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E-Commerce Integration

With an eCommerce integration solution from EDI Business System Connections, customer and sales order information from your online store is automatically entered into your back-office ERP or accounting system.

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Wholesale Distribution Management System

  • Generate Picture Catalog.

  • Sales Order on Android Devices with Built-in Scanner.

  • Overseas Purchase Order with In-Transit Inventory.

  • Back-orders, Consolidate Orders.

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For companies of all sizes; Fine-tuned to handle Multi-Store Customers:

Web-based WDMS was designed for companies of all sizes from small to large (Very Scalable) to run their businesses efficiently with flexibility to meet ever-changing challenges of real-world environment at a very affordable price. Having Web-based WDMS as your business backbone, you will have all the tools necessary to grow your business without being burdened by increase in overhead. Application has been especially fine-tuned to handle your multi-store customers, such as department stores and chain stores having hundreds of stores. We have extensive experience in Shoes, Apparel, and Accessories Businesses; you will be dealing with professionals who understand your language and needs..


Seamlessly Integrated Modules

Web-based WDMS consists of various modules such as Accounts Receivable, InventoryControl, Sales Order Entry, EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) Interface, Over-Seas Purchase Order, Account Payable, General Ledger, WMS (Warehouse Management System), and Document Management System. Modules are seamlessly integrated..


WEB-based; Fast, Easy and Secure Access

Since Web-based WDMS is purely web-based, you can access your data wherever Internet connection is available. Your sales force, overseas agents, warehouses, factories, or even your customers can access the information on timely manner without burdening the customer service staff. Majority of reports are generated in seconds, and can be emailed with ease from within the application. Every menu options are password protected per user, and cost information can be hidden from selected users. Now, there is no excuse for not making sensible business decisions because timely information was not available.

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Our Professional staff can Customize to Meet your Special Requirements

To enhance efficiency of daily operations further, EDIBS custom builds add-on modules or customizes existing functionalities, so that Web-based WDMS would fit perfectly with your organization. With the understanding that no single company runs its business alike, EDIBS’ qualified staff can go over the functionalities that can be enhanced to maximize your investment. Even if one person’s work is off-loaded with some smart enhancements, your return on investment can be realized in very short time, allowing you to invest that resource to where it counts the most for your bottom line.


Embrace and Leverage INTERNET Technology

Since Web-based WDMS utilizes the latest and most effective Internet technology, your investment will go a long way without becoming obsolete. Every major software vendors are feverishly trying to web-enable their applications by wrapping web interface to their existing applications, resulting in sluggish response or not having full features. Most of the new web-based applications lack features or usability. Web-based WDMS was written from ground up, fully embracing the latest Internet technology, with broad understanding of the expectations and wishes of users in terms of functionality, performance, and usability. The system can only get better with time, as new features are incorporated to optimally automate your operations.


Using Web-based WDMS as the operational backbone, possible extensions are endless. Some of the possibilities are:

UPS Integrations
Document management:
much of the paper documents such as proof of delivery and bill of lading can be quickly retrieved from the system.
Customer Self-Service Center:
customers can view account balance, check order status on line, without calling the customer service.
On-line Order Processing:
customers can enter orders directly on line, which can be converted into actual orders upon approval by customer service.
Wireless Access:
warehouse personnel or traveling users can access certain information using wireless devices such as handheld PCs or PDAs.
Email customers with promotional item information:
generate new business with cheaper means of advertisement.
– And more…

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