Wholesale/Importer/Retail Distribution Management System Feature List


Cash Receipts: Able to choose range of invoices to apply
– Charge-Back entry
– Open (On-account) Receipts
– Multiple discounts and allowances per invoice w/ reasons
– Non-AR Receipts
– Void Cash Receipts (Bounced Checks with bank charge)
Charge-Back Maintenance: Record correspondences when trying to resolve charge-backs
– Collection Tickler: Record correspondences when trying to collect outstanding receivables
– Statements
Ship-To Addresses: UnlimitedCopy addresses from different customer number
Export Customer Addresses
Customer Notes
Scan and save Receipt Documents, such as Factor Statements
– View Invoice details
– View Open receivables, and Payment history
– View Customer w/ options like Aging, Sales by Month, Sales by Item
– View Master tables
 Some Reports:
AR As Of Aging Report – Aging as of specified date, with various options like customers having balance over 30 days past due only; Age by Due Date or Invoice Date; Sort by Customer or Salesmen; Factor or House or Both; Summary or Detail; 5 Buckets for Aging;
AR In-Out Report – Brief activity by customers like sales, payments, charge-backs
Cash History Report – Payment history by cash account
Charge Back Report – Un-Resolved Charge-backs
Sales-rep Commissions Due Report
Sales-rep Commissions by Payment Report
Monthly Customer Comparative Report – Compare sales from past 4 years


 Style Profile (Specification)
 Size Matrix (Size run, Scale)
Attach Photo to Style and Item
Segmented item number: Style (11 char) – Color (6 char) – Size Matrix (3 char)
Estimated Landed Cost from FOB, Duty, Freight, Commission, and Misc Costs
Care Label Maintenance
Case-Pack and Open-Stock Inventory
Copy Items from a template item
UPC Maintenance
Customer SKU Matching Maintenance
UPC Labels
Inventory Transactions: Adjustments, Warehouse Transfers
View Styles
View Items w/ options like Qty, Open Sales Orders, Open Purchases, Sales by Month
Physical Inventory Count Process: Freeze inventory by Warehouse, Count worksheet, Count entry, and Update counts
Some Reports:
– Item Report
– Style Report
– Style Line Sheet
– Inventory Aging Report
– Inventory History Report
– Monthly Item Comparative Report
– Available To Sell Report
– Brief Item Report
– Valuation Report
– Valuation As Of Date Report
– Valuation by Gender Report
– Valuation by Warehouse Report


Regular orders and Make-Up orders
Copy Orders for Multiple Stores
Case-Pack and Open-Stock orders
Mass Change of orders, such as, Ship Dates, Cancel Dates, Customer PO #s
Default order information comes from Customer Master, like terms, sales-rep
Credit Approval Process
Duplicate PO # alert
Order Acknowledgement Form
RMA Form
Allocate orders individually
Allocate multiple orders in batch
Pick Tickets (Packing Lists) w/ Re-Print
Shipment Manifest
Open Pick Ticket Reports: Un-Invoiced Pick Tickets
Wave Report: Summary of Batch of Pick Tickets
Bill of Lading # Update
Select a Pick Ticket for Billing Individually
Select a Batch of Pick Tickets for Billing
Print Invoices w/ Re-Print
Commissions can be based on Salesmen, Customer, or Item
Order discounts and Line discounts
Shipping Labels: UCC128 and Manual Labels
Some Reports:
– Back Orders by Sales-rep
– Back Orders by Customer
– Back Orders by Item
– Booking by Item
– Booking by Sales-rep/Category
– Open Orders by Month/Customer (time phased)
– Open Orders by Month/Item (time phased)
– Orders Report
– License Royalty Report
– Sales by State
– Sales Performance
– Booked Order Analysis
– Booked Order by Customer PO
– Gender Report
– Invoices by Customer (Invoice reports show gross margin)
– Invoices by Date
– Invoices by Invoice number
– Invoices by Sales-rep
– Invoices by Sales-rep/Customer/Item
– Monthly Sales
– Order Acknowledgement

Customer Service: Find any information about customer orders in one screen


850 Purchase Order Inbound
856 Advance Ship Notice Outbound
810 Invoice Outbound
Factor Invoices
832 UPC Catalogue
816 New Addresses
753 Request for Routing Instructions
754 Routing Instructions
Some Reports:
– EDI Trail Report
– 810 Exception Report
– 856 Exception Report


Bill of Materials
Cutting Tickets, Print Cutting Tickets
Receive from Cutting Tickets
Cost Sheet
Cut and Sold Report
Open Cut Report
Component Requirement Report
Component Usage Report
Plan to Cut by Cut Date Report
Expected Receiving Schedule Report


Stock and Make-Up PO
Case-Pack and Open-Stock PO
FOB, Duty, Freight, Misc. cost to calculated Landed Cost
Cost Change after Receiving
Packing Instructions:
– Packaging, Inner Box, Case Marking, Brand Name, Poly-bag, Label, etc
Samples Confirmations:
– Samples needed, needed date, sent date, received date, confirmed
– Tickets needed, from, sent date, received date
In-Transit Shipment Tracking:
– Vessel, Container, Consolidation Reference, Pre-Consolidation date & number
Receive from PO (Full or Partial)
Vendor Invoices:
– Invoice numbers, LC #, LC open date, LC paid date and amount
Construction Info:
– Material, Lining, and many User-Defined fields
Special Instructions Notes
Agent Notes
View PO by PO (search)
View PO by Item
Print PO in PDF format (can be emailed to vendor); Pictures can be embedded
Vendor Invoice Follow-up:
Associate vendor invoice w/ actual shipments to verify invoice amount
License Approval Tracking:
– Track License approval process from Concept to Final Production
– Dates, Statuses, and Notes
Quality Check for QC Staff
GL is recorded at the time of Receiving from Purchase Order
Some Reports:
– Confirmation Sample
– Duty Tracking
– In-Transit
– LC Payment
– LC Schedule
– Open PO
– Open PO by Sales-rep/On- Board
– Open PO by Sales-rep/Margin
– PO by Category
– PO by Container
– PO by Item
– Production
– Production by Factory
– Production Sample
– Receiving History
– Shipment Consolidation
– Shipment (Pre-Consolidation)
– Ticket Tracking
– Vessel Tracking


Vouchers (Vendor Invoices):
Types: Normal, FOB, Freight, and Duty
– For voucher types FOB, Freight, and Duty, invoice amount can be checked against actual PO receipts on same screen
Alert when Duplicate invoice number, PO number, or Reference number
1099 Handling
Multiple GL Distributions for each voucher
Disbursements (Payments against vouchers)
– Manual and Computer Checks (laser checks)
– Prevent paying more than the voucher amount
– Discounts
– Pre-Check report (Cash Requirement)
– Void Checks
 View Vouchers (Search)
Some Reports:
– As Of Aged Open Items (Payables As Of certain date)
Check Register
Vendor History
Payable Distributions by Voucher
1099 Report
Voucher Edit
Disburse Pre-Check

Chart of Accounts
Manual Journal Entry with option of Reversing the following period
Financial Statements:
– User-Designed Financial Statement Layouts
– Print Financial Statements (w/ Ratios)
Get Distributions: Bring Journal Transactions automatically from AR, IC, and AP modules
View Account Activities
Close Year End
Even after Close Year End, Prior years information can be reported
Consolidated Company (Merge GL from multiple companies)
Some Reports:
– Trial Balance
– AR Distribution to GL (Journals created in AR and IC)
– AP Distribution to GL (Journals created in AP)
– Chart of Accounts


Bank Accounts
Transfer Activities from AR and AP
Adjustment Entries
Reconcile Bank Accounts from Bank Statements
View Bank Activities


Company Current Status:
– Snap-shot of company activity for any year by month
– Sales, Costs, Margin, Payments


Scan and Index Cash Receipt documents, such as Factor Statement
Scan and Index Proof of Delivery documents (POD), such as Bill of Lading
Scan and Index Overseas Shipping documents, such as Vendor Proforma Invoice,
– Customs document
Scan and Index Vendor Invoices
Indexed documents can be viewed and printed from various View Screens


Real-Time Data Update to database
Easy to Use – Layout is very Intuitive
2 Levels of Security:
– Web-server Security – user id and password to get into initial login page
– Application Security – user id and password for the application
User can be Allowed or Disallowed for each menu item
All reports generated are saved in system until user deletes them
All reports can be view before printing
All reports can be converted into PDF format
Extremely Fast Reports – most run in seconds
Selected reports can be imported into EXCEL


System works within the company even if there is No Internet connection
Internet connection such as DSL is required only if the system has to be accessed from outside the office


Windows 2008, 2012 Server
Any device with internet browser; PC, Mac, Tablet, Phone
– Zebra Label Printer


Easily adaptable to changes and new requirements:
System is very modularized allowing quick changes and enhancements


UPS Integration:Export Shipping Info to UPS and Import Tracking and freight charges
Product Catalogue with Pictures:
Customer Web Order Entry:
– Customer enters orders directly into the system
– Web orders are reviewed by internal staff, and convert them into valid orders
Customer Contract Prices:
– For a customer, negotiated prices are entered for specific items along w/ time period. These prices are defaulted at order entry.
Sales Order Form Generation
– Order taking form for Sales-Rep can be printed
Customer Price History:
– Based on last purchase price, price is defaulted at order entry
– Interface w/ External databases such as MS ACCESS to develop custom reports or web-based view screens
Bill Of Material (BOM) and Cutting Process:
– Component items are maintained
– EDI Business Systems Inc. Successful Web ERP 6
– Create BOM for each of finished products
– Issue Work In Process (WIP)
– Receive Completed WIP
– Cut and Sold Report
– Component Requirement Report
– Component Usage Report
Cost Sheet:
– Free-form component items are assigned to Styles to determine costs and markups
Vendor Charge-Back Handling
– Add vendor, reason code, and quantity to be charged back to vendor when issuing
– credits to customers
– Add vendor, reason code, and quantity when making inventory adjustments
– Vendor Charge-Back Report
Truck Routing Process for Delivery Businesses:
– Assign Pick Tickets to Trucks
– Print Delivery Receipt Forms
– Delivery Route Summary Report for driver
– Update delivery status
– Delivery Summary Report
Tele-Marketing Process:
– Track Sales Calls and new leads
* Additional modules are constantly being developed as need arises

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