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Powerful, Reliable, Easy to Use, Cost Effective Small to Large Import and wholesale businesses

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    Web-based ERP business solutions

    Powerful, Reliable, Easy to Use, Cost Effective Small to Large Import and wholesale businesses

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    Electronic Data Interchange(EDI) Integration.

    Doing business with Chain Stores and Department Stores? Convert 100-Store customer PO in less than one minute.

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    Efficiency is Money.

    PDA Orders(Espresso) Get sales orders by scanning barcodes using Phone App. Click on UPLOAD ORDERS, and you are done. That’s it.

    Product Catalogs So many ways to generate custom Product Photo Catalogs on the Fly. One Click for a Catalog of Slow Moving Products.One Click for a Catalog of an Invoice, etc..


Our Web-based ERP Software, Espresso, has seamlessly integrated modules
including EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) Interfaces, Sales Orders, Overseas
Purchase Orders, Inventory, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, & General Ledger.

Especially optimized to handle Department Stores and Chain Stores.
Aside from the normal ERP features, product pictures have been incorporated throughout the system.
There are many features that allows for efficiency such as; fast Back-Order
Maintenance, Create Product Catalogs with one button click (for goods received
today, for goods on back-order for a customer, for items in an invoice, etc.),
Email invoices and Statements. Sales orders can be taken by scanning bar-codes
into an Android mobile device and uploaded to the system when Internet connection is available.

Espresso ERP is Enterprise-ready, utilizing only Internet Browser as the user interface.
Nothing to setup or install on your PC.
You can easily access the application from outside of the office when Internet is available.
Powerful, yet easy to use and manage; Very Intuitive.
One of our main goals is to facilitate user productivity gains, so that companies
can manage effectively without enlarging the staff count even as the sales volume increases.
You can expect to realize Return On Investment in short time.
(On-premises solution; No Internet connection required when working within the office)


efficiency tools

PDA Orders
Sales orders can be taken offline on Android PDA devices (size of a cell phone) with built-in
barcode scanner, and upload the orders to the main system with a click.
No need to reenter the sales order.

iPAD Orders
Sales orders can be taken offline on iPad tablet utilizing more Touch-based interface rather than barcode scanning.
Orders are uploaded to the main system with a click.

Picture Catalog
Product Photos are integrated throughout the system.
You can view item photos everywhere, and flexible Picture Catalog creation is only a click-away,
saving valuable time - amazing tool that Sales Reps cannot live without. Generate catalogs
for slow moving items, an invoice, back orders, purchase orders, etc.; endless possibilities.
Catalogs in PDF can be emailed to customers.

Catalog >> Mini Ecommerce Website >> Sales Order.
Customized catalog link can be emailed to multiple customers. The link will lead customer
to a Mini Ecommerce Website which displays only those products in the catalog at the price specified.
Once the customer places the order, the sales person is notified via email and the order is already in the system
awaiting to be approved for processing. This process is a win-win process for both the customer and the sales team,
in terms of speed and convenience.

EDI Integration

When dealing with Chain Stores and Department Stores, EDI is a
mustrequirement more often than not.
We can handle many EDI documents such as:

850 Purchase Order Inbound
856 Advance Ship Notice Outbound
810 Invoice Outbound
Factor Invoices
832 UPC Catalog
816 New Addresses
753 Request for Routing Instructions
754 Routing Instructions
940 Warehouse Shipping Order
943 Warehouse Stock Transfer Shipment Advice


E-Commerce Integration

Real-time inventory and Automatic upload new product on your Online store!



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We are currently expanding from the east coast to the west coast, with clients located all over the USA.


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